Episode 53 – From ‘Woo’ to ‘Wow!’ with Liz from WTF Just Happened

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From Liz’s ‘Meet Liz’ Page from her website WTF Just Happened

Liz has a background in fashion, zero waste, and startups. The New York-born former fashion stylist spent the earlier part of her career assisting and styling her own photo shoots until she decided to grow her blog, Runway Passport, which covered fashion weeks around the world, into a full-fledged business selling and promoting emerging fashion designers. She ran Runway Passport through 2016.

Liz began examining if there was any evidence of an afterlife or paranormal in 2015 following the passing of her father. She conducted an in-depth exploration, at first only for herself with no plans to write a book. However, because she was so baffled and blown away by what she saw and who she met, she kept digging. The deeper she went, the more she was astounded to learn that maybe everything afterlife and paranormal-related wasn’t a bunch of woo. She decided to share her story in a book and a podcast, but still considers herself skeptical and an atheist, although she’s a cultural Jew. 

Liz is the author and podcast host of WTF Just Happened?!, serves as a board member of the Forever Family Foundation, currently invests in crypto and is continually exploring zero-waste startup ideas. 

Fun fact – she has a chihuahua Peanut who is famous for chasing and scaring Harvey Weinstein. She divides her time between New York and LA.