Seeking I Video Library

Seeking I General Videos

General Seeking I content which includes general discussions with other thinkers on the subjects Seeking I focuses on, as well as non-podcast interviews or talks with experts and researchers on the various phenomena questioning the nature of mind and consciousness.

Seeking I Debates

Here you can find the debates hosted on the Seeking I channel, moderated by Darren. Unlike many places online, debates hosted on the Seeking I channel are held to Darren’s very high standards of mutual respect between all opinions and positions. Disrespect, mockery and insulting behaviour is not tolerated. This is a platform for education, not entertainment.

Seeking I Stage Series

Videos which give members of the Seeking I community the chance to feature on the YouTube channel, giving their thoughts and opinions on the subjects we cover. The opinions and views given in these videos are purely those of the person featured, and may not be shared by Darren or any other member of the Seeking I community

Seeking I Clips Series

The Clips series consists of shorter, less comprehensive video clips taken from fuller discussions, which may be found within the other series. A great resource for finding expert or casual interest opinions on specific subjects without having to watch longer segments, although we always recommend you watch the video from which the clip was taken to get the full context surrounding what was said.

Seeking I Review Series

In this series, Darren gives his thoughts on videos, articles or other content created by others on the subjects covered in Seeking I. This usually consists of reviews for skeptical arguments against phenomena such as Near-Death Experiences, Mediumship, religious ideas, or any other Life after Death related topics.

Darren’s Interviews

This series showcases Darren’s interviews for other programs and channels.