Episode 54 – The Amazing After-Effects of 3 NDEs with PMH Atwater

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PMH is one of the world’s leaidng authorities on Near Death Experiences, her journey into the subject beginning with not one, not two, but three NDEs following complications of childbirth. She has since dived deep into the realms of NDE research having spoken to many many experiencers during her coast to coast travels across the US, leading her to author a large number of books on the subject, and other related topics of interest. All books and further information can be found at her website here.

In this episoe we look at PMH’s experiences and how they opened her up to amazing spiritual occurrences, synchronicities and apparent guiding from higher forces, and how these lead her into the fascinating life she has lived, and continues to live with a constant smile and a laugh, lightening the atmosphere wherever she goes.