Episode 49 – Parapsychology and Paranormal Investigation with Loyd Auerbach

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Loyd Auerbach is a very well respected researcher and educator of the paranormal and Parapsychology. He has published 9 Psi-related books currently and has taught many different disciplines at the JFK University, from which he attained his MS in Parapsychology. These disciplines include Public Speaking, Anthropolgy, ScienceFiction and Philosophy of Time. He has also been teaching online Parapsychology courses for the Rhine Education Center since 2014.

As well as his extensive teaching career,Loyd has focused the majority of his time performing field investigation of Paranormal Reports and Occurrences.

 In this episode we look at mainstream science’s view of Parapsychology, the skepticism and cynicism surrounding it, and the process of carrying out scientifically sound paranormal investigations.