Episode 48 – An NDE and a Miraculous Healing with David Bennett

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David Bennett is a near death experiencer and author of the famous book Voyage of Purpose, as well as his less known but equally valuable second book: A Voice as Old as Time.

He now offers spiritual healing services through his website, Dharma Talks, of which I personally have had a session. I can say that there was a distinct reduction in the issue I focused on with him, although of course I cannot guarantee a causal relationship. Regardless, David is a wonderful man with nothin gbut loving motivations to help whoever needs it, and it is certainly worth booking a session if you wish to explore alternative therapies. Please however do not use any alternative therapy as a substitute for established traditional medical advice and treatment, it is to be used as a supplementary therapy only.

In this episode, we look at David’s NDE as well as some of his other spiritual experiences, including an incredible example of recovery from stage 4 cancer which, according to David’s later research, held a statistical 5 year survival probability of 0.001%.