Episode 32 – Visiting The Place Between Here and There – Steve Weber’s NDE Part 1

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This is part 1 of a longer discussion.

Steve Weber experienced a unique Near Death Experience in 2015 when he was sideswiped on his Harley Davidson by a truck, which broke his spine and landed him in a 3 week coma. Throughout this time, he found himself experiencing scene after scene of various situations and environments in which he met with people from his life, alive and dead, faced multiple repetitions of a review of his life, and faced a miraculous recovery of his injuries, leading him to alter his lifestyle in a more spiritual way from then on.

He and his partner, Katherine, went on to document his experience in their book: The Place Between Here and There, a True Beautiful Near Death Experience.

In this episode we dive into the experience itself, and begin to look at the different parts of it, what they mean, and why they were important.