Episode 31 – Astral Projection – Veridical Experiences with Cyrus Kirkpatrick Part 1

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This is Part 1 of a longer discussion.

Cyrus Kirkpatrick is a practitioner and teacher of the willful Out of Body Experience to achieve the process known as Astral Projection, the ability to allegedly separate one’s consciousness from the body, and to access the ‘Astral Plane’. Whether this process is an actual separation or not is unknown, however Cyrus, as well as most other practitioners and experiencers believe strongly that it is. The phenomenon is inconceivable to those like myself who has never had the experience, and to many who consider themselves ‘rational’ and ‘objective’ in their view of the world, it seems a ridiculous notion. I would support the latter with full belief that Astral Projection is purely a trick of the mind during a hynogogic state, if it weren’t for the numerous accounts of veridical perception and the state of heightened lucidity which seems the antithesis of dreaming or hallucinating. Many will correctly see the similarity between this experience and that of the Near Death Experience. Many NDEs include separation of body and ‘soul’, in which the individual is able to view themselves from outside their body, and often travel to ‘dimensions’ beyond the physical whilst maintaining a highly lucid awareness, far exceeding the level of lucidity we experience whilst living in the physical.

Cyrus has written two books on the subject, amongst many other publications on unrelated subjects, which look at his discoveries on the nature and environments we can expect to find ourselves in after our physical death. Having spent many sessions out of his body, Cyrus has been able to explore these usually invisible levels of consciousness and the universe, and continues to share his findings through his books and on his YouTube channel and Facebook Group. 

His 2 books on the subject are:

Understanding Life After Death – Book 1

The Afterlife and Beyond – Book 2

You can also sign up to his Website where he offers his Afterlife University program, which includes bi weekly zoom meetings with participants who have an interest in learning about the afterlife; what its like and how they can explore it whilst still alive as a physical creature. This offers unmatched levels of understanding of and preparation for the inevitable end of life experience, and in my opinion may prove invaluable for those many individuals who suffer with death anxiety..

You can find this program on Cyrus’ website here:

Afterlife University