Episode 21 – A Comprehensive Look at the Validity of Near Death Research with Lynn Russell

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Lynn K Russell (https://lynnkrussell.com/) has researched many accounts of Near Death Experiences for the famed NDE Researcher responsible for the world’s largest database of NDE reports, Dr Jeffrey Long of the Near Death Experience Research Foundation. She has therefore had plenty of exposure to many different accounts of many of the known and fascinating constituents which form the common idea of the Near Death Experience, any many you may not recognise. From entering the tunnel of light, to seeing dead relatives, to witnessing verifiable events, and even to waking up 27 hours after being pronounced dead in a state of rigor-mortis in the morgue. We look at Lynn’s research and how where it holds value in the scientific exploration of human consciousness and what becomes of it at physical death.
Lynn also shares some of the spiritually-transformative experiences she has personally experienced in her life, and how it completely removed her previous fear of death, and shifted her from her family’s atheistic worldview into a more spiritual one.