Episode 5 – A New Theory of Gravity with Rex Finfgeld

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The common perception of gravity is that it is an emergent phenomena resulting from the mass of matter. The higher the mass of an object, the higher the gravitational force toward it. It is gravity that keeps us on the surface of the Earth, and it is gravity that keeps us orbiting the sun. But what if this perception is incorrect, and in fact gravity is more fundamental to the universe than we currently believe?

In this episode I speak with Rex Finfgeld, a man who sees gravity this way as a result of information he perceives following his Near Death Experience many years ago. His theories have been presented to quantum physicists and theoretical physicists at conventions and individually, all cases of which have been received with great excitement from the listening scientists.

Listen to this new theory which offers answers to the true nature of the universe, how it started from the big bang, and where it is destined to go in the future.

This is part 1 of a continuing discussion on the subject with Rex.