The Seeking I Life Exploration Podcast Introduction

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Welcome to Episode 0 of the Seeking I Life Exploration Podcast. This is a new project in which I hope to provide you with a free educational tool where we can discuss and explore a variety of life based subjects including science, consciousness, death, religion, spirituality and many more.

This podcast will be based on your input for subject matter for discussion Whether you would like to look at an experience you had, analyse an interesting article you found, or just discuss a topic that you would like to know more about.

Seeking I is a place where you can explore these subjects freely without ridicule and without judgement from a purely open minded skeptical point of view to help us all discover the truths of life and existence. No experience or belief is invalid and it is important to be able to share your own without the fear of being belittled or made to feel stupid, something that happens all too often online. So here I wish to give you the opportunity to do so with a friendly reception.

If you have any suggestions or requests for the next episode, please email me with your request here.

Thank you all for listening and here’s to a successful Podcast!