Episode 66 – Dr Melvin Morse on Child NDEs, Remote Viewing and his Regretted Past Conviction

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In this episode, I speak with Dr Melvin Morse about his research into Near-Death Phenomena in children and otherwise. We move on to the subject of Remote Viewing and it’s implications on the understanding of consciousness before discussing, for the first time publicly, the widely circulated controversy of Dr Morse’s past.


Dr. Morse has always been involved with research, primarily having to do with human consciousness. He has studied near death experiences, the spirituality of death and dying, spiritual neuroscience, and spiritual sight, a meditative practice.

He has published ground breaking research on energy healing.He identified that humans have a “god spot”, an area of the brain that links them to the divine that is both within us and which we are a part. His primary interest has been working with grieving parents. He feels an obligation to present these sacred stories of encountering a loving god at the point of death especially for those struggling to comprehend the loss of a child.