Episode 65 – Mastering the Out of Body Experience with Luis Minero

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In this episode, we look at Luis’ own Out of Body experiences and question how we can practice and achieve them ourselves. We outline the evidence in support of the ontological legitimacy of the OBE and consider the skeptical arguments that are found surrounding the phenomenon.


Luis Minero currently serves as President of the International Academy of Consciousness (IAC). Born in 1972, Luis graduated with honors in Chemistry from Florida International University. He began studying and developing his abilities in paranormal phenomena in his early teens. After becoming a volunteer in Conscientiology in 1995 in Miami, Florida, he began giving classes on OBEs, paranormal phenomena and spiritual growth in 1996, including at the college level (Miami-Dade College) from 1997 to 2002.

Since he speaks English, Spanish, Portuguese, and German, he has lectured on various topics related to the out-of-body experience in several countries across Asia, Africa, Europe, North America and South America, and Australia; and has helped thousands of individuals to develop their own skills.