Episode 58 – Truth is Stranger than Fiction with Sheri Perl

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In this episode, Sheri runs through a presentation, custom made for this podcast, in which she shares her story, her work, and examples of her experiences with spirit. She also gives audio and visual examples of ITC (Instrumental Transcommunication) and EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) she has encountered.

About Sheri

In 1967 at 16 years of age, Sheri began to suffer from Crohn’s Disease, an inflammatory bowel disease. At the time she did not believe in anything spiritual. She pursued only traditional western medicine. By 1969 she was so ill from the Crohn’s that she needed blood transfusions from which sh contracted the Hepatitis C virus. By 1971, she was terribly ill from a combination of both illnesses when she made contact with a British Spiritual Healer named Harry Edwards.

Overnight, Sheri began to get well. She was absolutely amazed. Sh had contacted Mr. Edwards purely out of desperation and did not expect anything to happen at all. Was she ever surprised and delighted!  The complete story of her illness and healing is contained in her book: Healing from the Inside out and the Outside In

Sheri now works with Harry Edwards who made the crossing into the realm of the Spirit in 1976. Harry and his team of Spirit doctors assist in helping those who are ill in the body or in the mind.