Episode 55 – The Current State of Parapsychology Research with Dr Stanley Krippner

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Dr Stanley Krippner is perhaps one of the leading authorities on Parapsychological research, having been active in the field for many, many years. He has been studying phenomena such as anomalous dream experiences, shamanism, hypnosis, psychadelics, as well as many more ‘mainstream’ subjects as PTSD, creativity, humanistic psychology and more. He is the recipient of the American Psychology Association’s Award for Distinguished Congtributions to the International Advancement of Psychology, and co-author and editor of highly valued works such as “Varieties of Anomalous Experience: Examining the Scientific Evidence” and the “Advances in Parapsychological Research” volumes.

You can find a list of Dr Krippner’s publications here

In this episode, we look at Dr Krippner’s involvement in Parapsychological research, the current situation of the field and its implications, and the attitude and approach to it from the skeptical and hesitant community.