Episode 46 – Studying Paradoxical (Terminal) Lucidity with Dr Michael Nahm

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In this episode, we take an introductory look at the phenomena of Terminal Lucidity (now known more widely as Paradoxical Lucidity), and why it is an important experience to study. Having been a seldom researched phenomena, Dr Nahm and many other researchers are hoping for others to begin really digging deep into Terminal Lucidity as it may have huge implications on our understanding of consciousness, biology and the nature of the self.

About Dr Michael Nahm

Dr Michael Nahm is a renowned biologist who started his career studying Zoology, Botany, Genetics, Palaeontology, and earned his Diploma via his thesis on the roosting behaviour of migratory songbird species, before completing his PhD on the physiological responses of beech trees to drought stress.

Since then, he has branched into many different areas of interest including psychology (from 2018 he has held an appointment at the Institute for Frontier Areas of Psychology and Mental Health in Freiburg, Germany. His many different interests can be found on his website, some of which include Terminal Lucidity, Near Death Phenomena, Mediumship, Sudden Whitening of Hair, Evolution, Cognition and more.