Episode 41 – Experiments in Parapsychology with Dr Stephan A. Schwartz

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Dr Stephan A. Schwartz is possibly one of the most prolific figures in parapsychological research. He essentially founded the field of Remote Viewing research having performed many independent experiments of the phenomena, yielding very significant results, and opening the world to the possibility that our minds are able to reach far beyond the boundaries of our physical bodies. His Curriculum Vitae is incredibly extensive and far too packed with impressive positions, activities and research practices for me to be able to aptly note down in this small introductory paragraph, so I strongly advise visiting his website and listening to his many talks and presentations available online.

In this discussion we look at what prompted Dr Schwartz to begin looking into parapsychology and its associated phenomena when so many scientists shy away from it or proclaim it to be a pseudoscience of no value to society at all. We then see the variety of experiments Dr Schwartz performed, what the results showed, and how they shaped his view of the mind and of reality.