Episode 39 – Exploring Beyond the Physical with Nanci Trivellato

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Nanci Trivellato started her journey of investigating aspects of life beyond the realm of the physical after her many experiences as a child and ongoing of Astral Projection, or willful out of body experiences. Since that time Nanci has grown a very deep interest in learning more about how her experiences work, and why they happen. She has incorporated her own experiences with a scientific approach through her many activities as a senior researcher for the International Academy of Consciousness and Institute of Applied Consciousness Technologies. She has mentored many on a variety of courses on the nature of consciousness, how to induce and out of body experience, how to control lucidity in non-physical environments, and how to approach the phenomena from a scientifically open point of view. Her TEDx talk on the subject from 2016 proved very popular and very thought provoking.

Following this interview, Nanci invited me to join the International Academy of Consciousness’ course, the “Consciousness Development Program“, without charge to help me further my investigations on a more personal experiential level. I’m incredibly grateful to her and the academy for giving me that opportunity, and I plan to give my best efforts into finally being able to explore the non-physical for myself.