Episode 29 – The Philosophy of Idealism with Dr Bernardo Kastrup

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Dr Bernardo Kastrup is a prominent philosopher of mind who advocates the metaphysical position of Idealism. This is essentially the position that mind is the fundamental nature of reality within which matter and experience are displayed in a form of illusory separation. As a whirlpool can be shown and defined as an individual entity, and yet consists of nothing but the water which surrounds and encompasses it, so our individuality and all matter around us seem separated from us, and are yet expressions or “dissociations” of one consciousness or mind.
Dr Kastrup holds 2 PhD’s. One in computer science and the other in philosophy. Using his knowledge at both subjects, we look at the comparisons often drawn to computer systems and the interaction between hardware and software as a common analogy to the brain and consciousness, before moving on to the tenants of his philosophy, and the implications it has on anomalous experience, and the science of consciousness.