Episode 28 – Memory, Psi and More with Skeptic G.M Woerlee

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Dr Gerald Woerlee (G.M Woerlee) is a prominent skeptic of the Near Death Experience phenomena and other apparently paranormal experiences recorded both inside and outside of medical literature. He is perhaps the world’s most well known critic to the famous Pam Reynolds Near Death Experience, the Denture’s Man Case and others, about which he has studied and written on extensively at his website NearDth.com.

He has also written several books including his most recent ‘Anesthesia and the Soul’ which can be found at Anesthesiasoul.com.
A professional anesthesiologist for many years, Dr Woerlee certainly is very well versed in the physiology of the human brain and body in general, and strongly believes that most if not all NDEs and other apparently paranormal phenomena can be explained satisfactorily by physical means.
In this second part, we start by finishing off the Near Death Experience and the case of Pam Reynolds before moving on to look at why various experiences of memory in procedures and sedation which may cause a problem to the idea that brain and mind are separate. We continue to talk about  terminal lucidity for which Dr Woerlee believes a physical cause is the simpler explanation, and research into Psi phenomena.