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I previously had a discussion with David Lorimer regarding the Galileo Commission Report, and he very kindly put me in contact with the author of the report, Professor Harald Walach. Professor Walach is a researcher in the interface between medicine, psychology and consciousness studies and holds a double PhD in Clinical Psychology, and History and Theory of Science (Source:

In this discussion we talk more about the Galileo Commission Report, Professor Walach’s important document which outlines the nature of the current dominant scientific paradigm, the assumptions it takes for granted as truth, and the limitations of such assumptions. We start by touching on the Near Death Experience and other anomalous experiences, and the relevance of these from an ontological point of view (a term Dr Walach kindly defined for me), before moving on to the report itself and why it is so important.

Note: Around the 19:20 mark, I ask Professor Walach to clarify a part of the document which I struggled to understand. For those listening to the audio only, this refers to the below page which describes Professor Walach’s model of entanglement within non local systems: