Episode 13 – Science, Skepticism and Beyond with Alex Tsakiris (Skeptiko)

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Alex Tskarais, host of the very popular podcast “Skeptiko”, joins me for a discussion on current science, skepticism, and how it assists and limits the human endeavor of discovering what life and consciousness is all about. We begin by looking at the mainstream materialistic worldview of the majority of the sciences, and the skepticism that arises when subjects such as Near Death Experiences, Out of Body Experiences, Apparently non-physical Veridical Perception and others are presented. Do we collectively underestimate the potential that these experiences may have on furthering our understanding of reality, and should we look beyond our current means and methods of measuring and valuing the data? We then move on to what it means not only to investigate such experiences, but to personally encounter them and how this pushes us beyond science and skepticism into a state far removed from the reach of the majority into the realms of the ascended masters and spiritually evolved individuals. How do we achieve such a state? How do we move past the doubt that we put on the reality adn relevance of our own experiences, and how will this shape the remainder of our lives?