Episode 11 – Studying Veridical Out of Body Perception with Dr Janice Holden

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Dr Janice M Holden is one of the most recognised and respected reserachers of Near Death Experiences and veridical perception in altered states of consciousness. She has co-authored such works on the subject as The Handbook of Near Death Experiences: Thirty Years of Investigation and has been involved in the publication and recommendation of The Self Does not Die: Verified Paranormal Phenomena from Near-Death Experiences

I had the pleasure of speaking with her about her research and that of others. There have been many accounts of verified visual and audio perception of those in a state of clinical death during which consciousness is assumed impossible, and certainly should not be present at a level of awareness above that of general wakefulness. Such discussed cases includes the famous Pam Reynolds Case, a case in which an individual was able to report an amputated foot put into a yellow bag in a room other than the place of their own operation, and others!