Episode 68 – Tarot, The Law of Attraction and a Near-Death Experience with Rich Lopp

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In this episode, I chat with Rich Lopp about his interest in Tarot Card readings, the law of attraction and he shares, for the first time publicly, his own Near Death Experience. We look deep into the fabric of reality and physics to determine how and why the Law of Attraction works, and its implications on the nature of Tarot readings.

Rich Lopp specializes in Law of attraction and manifestation through his own personal experiences. He teaches you how to look at things from a different perspective and hands you the tools on how to change your life. He uses tarot to see your energy and gain clarity on your situation and holds a 99% accuracy rate based on customers feedback.

Following an NDE, paranormal phenomena and a casual interest in tarot card readings, Rich started his YouTube channel and began offering readings to his audience. Since that time, he has discovered a great deal about not only Tarot Cards, but the Law of Attraction, the undiscovered phenomena of the human mind and much more.


Rich’s Website: https://tarotwithrich.com