Episode 62 – Approaching Mediumship with a Critical Mind with Medium Joe Perreta

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In this episode, I talk with Joe Perreta, a Spirit Medium who always approaches his work with a skeptical, empirical point of view with the aim of gathering his sitters evidence first, reassurance second. Like me, Joe doesn’t put much value in readings which contain only very general or emotionally-based messages such as “I love you” and “I’m okay” and, having taken part in many scientific studies on the subject himself, much prefers to offer veridical evidence of his abilities.

ABOUT JOE (From his website biography)

Joe Perreta is a Psychic Medium currently living in Manhattan. Through the gift of Mediumship Joe’s goal is to leave his clients spiritually, mentally, and emotionally healthier than before meeting with him.At the age of 10 he began learning how to read the tarot. In his teen years he started having prophetic dreams and visions which he didn’t always understand, this made him shy away from his gifts for over a decade.After seeking spiritual guidance from various Psychic Mediums and being told numerous times that he was a medium, Joe was still apprehensive.

That all changed after his cousin, astrologer Maria Desimone, introduced him to one of her psychic medium friends at a dinner party. Joe was asked to do an impromptu mediumship reading, his first mediumship reading to be exact. The overwhelming success of this reading gave him the validation he needed to continue on his life path. Since then, Joe has been working tirelessly to bring spirit closer to everyone here in the physical world.

His mediumship skills have been tested and he has been certified through the Forever Family Foundation. Joe is also featured in Goop.com’s “The Guide To Energy Healers, Intuitives, and Mediums.” He has also participated in scientific studies of Mediumship at various prestigious universities around the country. It is not only his mission to heal as many people as possible through the beautiful gift of Mediumship, but also to prove to the world that the soul is eternal.